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Our crystal and glass items are engraved and ground using special diamond-tipped tools (grinders) and the traditional water cooling system. These grinders vary in shape and size depending on the type of engraving to be carried out, with the right-angled grinder used most frequently for “svisù” grinding, and round or slightly oval-shaped grinders used for ribbed or spherical engravings.

The type of design and the perfect curving of the lines engraved depend on the skill and experience of the craftsman and the very special engravings on our articles are proof of this. The final crafting phase is polishing, carried out using acid or by hand, traditionally, with wheels made of cloth, pumice and cerium oxide.

Upon completion of the final phase, it is possible to admire all the details of this extremely fine crafting process: the details, the reflected light and…that remarkable brilliance unique to expertly engraved glass and crystal.