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crystal leafs vase set

crystal scalloped leaf vase whit opaque leafs engraved 29,5 cm tall 15,5 cm diam neck

crystal vase whit opaque leafs engraved 29,5 cm tall 15,5 cm diam neck

cylindrical vase with ribs and bubbles with an undulated edge 32 cm tall 13,5 cm diam

heavy blown crystal vase with grooves and scalloped edging 30,5 cm tall 19 cm diam

ribbed vase with diamond band 29,5 cm tall with 15 cm diam neck

spherical vase with svisu band and balls 30 cm tall with 80 cm circumference

vase with floral motifs and ground edge 23 cm tall


7-piece champagne set

7-piece grappa shot set

7-piece whisky set

Champagne bucket ground with patterned grooves 18,5 cm tall 16,5 cm diam

Champagne flute ground with patterned grooves 22,5 cm tall 5 cm diam

Cylindrical whisky bottle with honeycomb grinding 22 cm tall with 750 ml capacity

Grappa bottle with patterned cut 22 cm tall with top and 600 ml capacity

Grappa glass with patterned grinding 6 cm tall 5 cm diam

Pitcher with diamond and svisu 17 cm tall with 1000 ml capacity

Square whisky bottle ground with central rib and diamond

Square whisky bottle with ground grooves 22,5 cm tall with top and 750 ml capacity

Tumbler ground with ribs and diamond 15 cm tall 7 cm diam

Whisky glass with long ribs and diamond 15 cm tall 5 cm diam

Ashtrays and accessory dishes

ashtray with ribs and scalloped edging 4,5 cm tall 14,5 cm diam

blown crystal accessory dish with optical effect grinding

half-moon accessory dish with diamond grinding and scalloped edging

half-moon accessory dish with patterned grinding 5 cm tall 20,4 cm diam

Cups and table centres

Cup with opaque stars and spots 9,5 cm tall 23 cm diam

Cup with svisu grinding and central flower 9 cm tall 22,5 cm diam

Table centre ground with ferns and central ribs 4,5 cm tall 32,5 cm diam

Fancy goods and decorative complements

blowned crystal anphora whit polished-opaque engraves 45,5 cm tall

ground tower 16,5 cm tall 12 cm diam

handmade crystal ducks with patterned grinding 7 and 5 cm tall

small vases made of coloured blown crystal - limited edition

smoking set, blown crystal cigar holder and ashtray